Alain shacra needs your assistance & cooperation

September 12, 2019 by Alain Chakra, Organizer
To Whom it may concern,
Mr. Alain Shacra is an unfortunate 26-year-old gentleman who is suffering at present from severe neurological deterioration, of a previously known spastic tetra-paresis after a successful treatment of a spinal cord tumor, Glioma. He had periods of improvements where he was fully functional and periods of deterioration with loss of motor functions, and neuropathies. His case is difficult and requires Stem Cells transplant with aggressive robotic rehabilitation, occupational, chest, and muscle building for his proximal gridles, and aqua therapy, these can only happen in a specialized center.
His family has been looking for various treatments worldwide and haven’t lost hope.
Romatem Center for rehabilitation and Liv hospital for Stem Cells Transplant in turkey were the best option, The detailed reports about the costs are approximately $170,000 as attached with this email. Alain’s family has regained hope and financial matters shouldn’t be an obstacle. Therefore I urge each and every one of you to do whatever can be done to raise funds for the above treatments. Iam therefore asking for your diligence in this regard, knowing that he will improve and regain strength and mobility as by the past.Should you need additional information do not hesitate to contact me I shall be glad to provide you with the required medical documents or answer any question you may wish to ask.


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